MP∫QC has the ability to handle custom and complex projects from all key markets including Military, Space, Communication and Commercial.

MP∫QC provides automated Contract Manufacturing Services utilizing both Surface Mount and Thru-Hole technologies that are compliant to Leaded and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) processes. As RoHS compliance becomes more critical to our customers and some transition to RoHS compliant components for cost and availability issues, we are able to provide them with both leaded and lead-free manufacturing lines and re-work stations.

MP∫QC has a strong background in the manufacturing of sub-assemblies and complex box builds. MP∫QC has developed advanced techniques for the manufacturing of RF-up to 38GHz-based PCBAs.

Our facility has a Class 10,000 Clean Room for wire bonding and micro electronic assembly. We can if required go to a Class 100 Clean Room. Our in-line cleaning system consists of a reverse osmosis water purification system to ensure that only contaminant—free water touches your product.

We are staffed with experienced RF test technicians and engineers and have a strong background in testing and tuning complex RF circuitry. RF is a strategic technology choice and we deliver numerous products with varying degrees of complexity. We also have test expertise in Micro Wave, High Voltage, Analog and Digital. Our substantial expertise, especially in testing protocols and custom design of equipment, allows MP∫QC to be a preferred partner for an OEM.

Our team have a proven track record in the following applications:  

  • Wireless Radio
  • Satellite Communications 
  • Government Communications 
  • Space Communications
  • RF Test

MP∫QC ’s experienced team manufactures product(s) to our client specifications and support that the product is manufactured and tested “per specifications” to verify the quality of the process.

MP∫QC ’s setup provides the ideal transition from design, development and prototyping into manufacturing for the final product run(s).  

Our expertise includes:

  • Circuit Board Assembly
  • Selective Soldering/Wave Soldering
  • Tests: In-Circuit/Functional Tests
  • System Integration
  • Lead & Lead Free Process Capabilities
  • Conformal Coating
  • Temperature Cycling & Thermal Conditioning
  • BGA Re-Balling
  • BGA Placement & Inspection
  • Automated Inspection Machines
  • RF Assembly & Testing up to 38GHz
  • Die Attach & Wire Bonding
  • Application Programming
  • Integration to all scales
  • Concurring Engineering/NPI
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Cable & Harness Assemblies
  • Inventory & Excess Program
  • Repair, Overhaul & Warranty
  • Global Shipping
  • OEM Strategic Partnering
  • Consulting, Development and Engineering Services
  • Logistics