Our 85,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility in
Cornwall, Ont is geographically located in the
Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto triangle neighbouring
New York, USA.
This enables our North American and global clients
easy access to the Canadian and US markets.
The MPiQC sales office, located in Montréal, Québec,
is in close proximity to P.E. Trudeau International Airport.
Our highly-trained and experienced employees
are there to understand and meet your needs!
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Our mission is to "Set The Standards" for
High-End Electronic Contract Manufacturing.
As a manufacturer of high-complexity products,
achieving a Six Sigma process is a challenge we welcome.
At MPiQC, we have established quality engineering
processes, designed software tools, and most importantly,
we have the resources to succeed in this challenge!


MPiQC's vision is to become a reference for
High-End Electronic Contract Manufacturing
which will be recognized as the first OEM Optimizer™.

* OEM optimizing is the ability to adapt to our partner requirements.

We produce from simple board to high-complexity
systems including functional testing,
shipping to end customer, and support beyond
our industry-first 2-year warranty period.
Being your OEM Optimizer™ allows our
partners to concentrate on design and sales.