Mirtec OMNI AOI 3D System

- April 2017 -

MPIQC continues to
advance its technology!

As we continue to invest in the latest equipment
and technology to meet our customers' highest
manufacturing standards, we have added two
Mirtec MV-6e OMNI 3D AOI machines to our
manufacturing process.

These machines have a 15 megapixel camera with a
10 micron/pixel precision telecentric compound lens
design, a side-view system with four 10 megapixel
cameras, an eight phase colour lighting system with
3D digital multi-frequency Quad Moire technology
and a precision closed-loop AC servo drive system.

These high speed/ high performance machines
provide superior detection of defects with the lowest
false call rate. With superior solder filet inspection
capabilities, OCR technology and the ability
to fully inspect 01005-size parts, these machines
increase our automated inspection capabilities tenfold.

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