MPIQC is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) supplier committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our clients.

We understand that in today’s electronic industry; partnership, communication, quality workmanship and support from your electronic partner is essential to your manufacturing needs.

Your satisfaction is supported by excellent communication at all levels of the organization. We will meet your delivery time, budget and quality requirements!


In 1988, our facility was originally established by a highly regarded Canadian high-tech company...


Located in the Montreal, Ottawa,Toronto triangle neighbouring New York, USA...


We are a dynamic and innovative company with our senior management team having an average tenure of twenty-five years within the industry...


MPiQC provides Contract Manufacturing Services using both Surface Mount and Thru-Hole technologies that comply with RoHS and Leaded processes.

Our Proprietary Material Management System allows us to adapt to our customer requirements whether it is for a Turnkey or a Consigned project.

We provide quick turnaround for your prototypes with a reasonable lead time for your production runs.


Our facility has a Class 10,000 Clean Room for wire bonding, both ball and wedge, and for microelectronic assembly.

The room also consists of a Plasma Cleaner, pull-test equipment and dry boxes for die storage.


MPiQC’s extensive expertise in manufacturing and test is always available to your design team.

We can work with you during
your NPI design cycle to detect potential manufacturing issues, thereby increasing your product’s production yield and improving time-to-market.


MPiQC has developed a strong capability in the application of conformal coating, either with Silicone or Acrylic-based materials.


MPiQC has developed a number of strategies and techniques in designing tooling in order to resolve unique technical challenges.

We are your partner, whether it’s for designing tooling and fixtures for working with flex PCBs, to custom SMT trays for
uncommon part footprints, making use of our 3D-printer and 3D-scanner as needed.


MPiQC has the ability and expertise to build small to complex systems as well as to perform System Integration for both small and large platforms.


MPiQC has the expertise to test small and complex systems. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot to the component level and have extensive knowledge in the use of spectrum analyzers, power meters and network analyzers in addition to standard test equipment.

We have the ability to design and build test fixtures for both board and system level, along with the design and development
of automated testing.

Whether you need flying probe or functional testing, our Engineering team will help you to select the appropriate solution
for your product.


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